1. Why play for crypto and not cash?

Great question! the number one reason for us developing the ESPORTSREF platform was to ensure that players can compete against one another for a prize, fairly.

With cash this is extremely difficult to execute. If you think about it, you’d have to place money in some kind of escrow account if you were playing for cash…. but who’s account would it go into? You certainly wouldn’t want it going into the opposing players account would you? You probably wouldn’t even want it going into a referees account. After all, how would you know for sure that the referee wouldn’t definitely pay you out?

The other option would be to place the funds into the website owners account, but if there are hunderds, if not thousdands of games being played simultaneously all around the world, how would that be managed? Would the website allow all of the referress access to their account in order to pay players out?

What about different accounts for different countries? If a player from the UK wanted to play someone from the US, how would that work?

As you can see, offering a platform like this using cash simply isn’t practical, and is the reason why nobody currently offers this, but for crypto things are different!

If you’d like a deeper understanding of how we are able to offer this service using HPB crypto and the HPB blockchain, head over to the sections on HPB and “smart contracts”

2. How are the referees selected for my game?

Referees are selected completely at random, by using the HPB Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) – Basically a number is randomly selected out of the total number of online (available) e-sports referees, and assigned to your game. You will usually find that each time you play, you’ll receive a completely different referee.

3. How do I know the Referee will be fair?

Firstly, the referee for your game will be chosen at random, so they will not know you, and you will not know them. They have no allegiances to anyone.

Secondly, if you believe that the e-sports referee has decided unfairly, you have 15 minutes after your game has finished to file a “DISPUTE” – This is when the funds will stay in escrow for up to 24 hours, whilst you provide evidence that the referee acted unfairly. You will need to provide us a link to the twitch archived stream or a link to an uploaded YouTube video. If we agree that the referee acted unfairly, then we will override the payout decision based on the result.

In this instance, the referee will receive one black mark. If any referee receives three black marks, they will be permanently banned from our platform.

You should however note that if you decide to file a dispute, and it turns out that you have complained unreasonably and it is extremely clear-cut that you lost, then you would receive a black mark. Again, if you receive three black marks, you would be banned from our platform.

4. Why do you need my ID?

To avoid the misuse of our platform, we need to ensure that players are registered and can prove who they are. Don’t worry, none of your personal information will ever be shared with players or referees. All information is stored securely.

5. How much crypto can I play for?

It is entirely up to you and your opponent. Please be aware that the amount from both players MUST be equal. We do not operate any form of player edge or handicapping system. The amount of crypto deposited must be the same for both parties.

6. How much do you guys take for running this service?

Our fees are fully transparent. They have to be because they are written to the HPB public blockchain in each smart contract!

The ESPORTSREF web development team take 2.5% of the total amount wagered and the Referee will also receive 2.5% of the total amount wagered.

For example, you and your opponent decide to play for 100 HPB each. This means 200 HBP will be stored in the smart contract, and therefore the website and the referee will each receive 5 HPB (200 x 2.5 = 5)

There are exceptions to this. They are as follows:

  1. The game does not begin (both players and the referee did not click “start game” within the 5-minute period. In this case, HPB is refunded to both parties and neither the referee nor the website receive any fee.
  2. A “dispute” is filed, and we feel that the dispute was correct, and the referees decision is overridden. In this situation, neither the referee nor the website receive any fee.
  3. The referee does not decide on a winner. This is extremely rare, but if this happens, then both parties receive their funds back automatically within 24 hours, and in this situation, neither the referee nor the website receive any fee.

7. How do I know that the e-sports referee is watching us play?

During the game, you can “challenge” the referee twice. You do this by typing in a number between 0 and 255 into the chat window. The referee will need to add this number to the smart contract before paying out at the end of the game to prove he or she watched it.

8. What if my internet connection drops mid-game?

The e-sports referee will allow up to 60 seconds to see if you can return into the game where you left off. Failing that, the result will be given to your opponent. It is down to the players to ensure they have a robust internet connection when competing!

9. Can I quit mid-game?

You can if you want to. Best practice is to be a good sportsman and click the “Concede” button, which will automatically hand over the funds to your opponent to avoid them having to wait until the end of the game. Nobody likes a sore loser!

10. What if my Opponent is cheating?

This will be up to the e-sports referee to decide. The referees are picked based upon their knowledge of the games played, so it’s often easy for them to spot when an opponent is cheating. If the result is given against you, you can file a dispute and we can review this for you.

Please understand that being a bad sportsman is technically not cheating – An example of this is if you were playing FIFA 21, and your opponent scores a goal in the 80th minute, then decides to play defensive and pass the ball around to prevent you from getting the ball. This is an example of a poor sportsman (and nobody likes that!), but the player is technically not breaking the rules, so in this instance, the dispute would not go in your favour.

11. How quickly do I get paid if I win?

That depends…

If your opponent concedes you will be paid instantly.

If the game finished and your opponent clicks on the “my opponent beat me fair and square” button, again, you will be paid instantly.

If the esports referee decides to give you the win, then the opponent has 15 minutes to click on the dispute button. If they don’t click it within 15 minutes, you will then be immediately paid after 15 minutes.

If the referee doesn’t pick a winner, then after 15 minutes, then either player can file a dispute. We will then look to determine a winner (or a draw) within 24 hours.

If a player disputes a result, then we will need to review the game. Please allow up to 24 hours for a dispute to be resolved.

12. Why HPB and not Bitcoin or Ethereum?

In our humble opinion, HPB is a superior cryptocurrency with a better blockchain than both Bitcoin and Ethereum. HPB has a vastly superior transaction speed, offers lower “gas” fees when interacting with smart contracts and making payment transfers, and offers an on-chain built-in hardware random number generator, which neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum offer.

13. Can I only play 1v1 games?

No, each game has it’s own set of rules that the referee will abide by, so different games will have different rules. for example, if you are playing FIFA, the winner is decided at full-time. If you opted not to play extra time or penalties, then the result could end in a draw. However for a game like Fortnite, the objective is to survive longer than your opponent, not to actually win the game. In this scenario, if they die before you, then you are the winner. Please check each set of game rules before you begin.

14. Can I register as both a player and a referee?

Technically you can, however you cannot do both at the same time. Before the game, you will be signed in as a player. If you wish to switch to being a referee, then you cannot participate in any games until you switch back. One you begin a game as a player, you cannot switch to being a referee until the outcome of the game has been determined by the referee for your game.

15. Can I speak to my opponent or the referee during the game?

You can speak to your opponent as much as you like. There are no restrictions on this whatsoever.

You cannot speak with the referee, apart from offering your two “challenges” to check they are watching you play. If you attempt to do this, you will be reported, and if your opponent confirms this, you will receive a black mark. Any player or referee who receives three black marks will be permanently banned from our platform.

16. Why do I need Metamask installed?

Metamask acts as an interface or “gateway” to the HPB blockchain. It is what allows you to transfer your HPB crypto into the smart contract and also interact with the contract.